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I am looking for a native English speaker friend/tutor

Hello All,
I am looking for a native English speaker friend/tutor where I could chat, learn about the English culture and traditions, exchange life experiences with. I am an international student doing a Master degree at the University of Northumbria, though my English skills are not bad but it seems that I need to further practise my listening and speaking skills and I want to do that with a native person through a very casual daily conversation. I am also hoping that I could improve my British accent as I have an American accent now.
I don’t have any specifications; the person could be a university student or a retired person. All what I care about is a friendly, chatty, open-minded friend.

To give you a bit more info about myself, I have dual citizenship (Syrian and Turkish), originally, I am from Syria as I lived and studied there for almost all my life and when the war started, I fled to Turkey and claimed my citizenship there as I have Turkish roots.

Requested skills
Languages & Translations + Tour Guide & Lifestyle + General Tutoring +

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