posted by Juan Borja 19 Aug 2019

I need an English teacher

I'd like to practice English with a teacher who wants to be friendly and supportive in my learning process. I've studied English during more than 1000 certified hours and I got a B2 level in the APTIS International Test, but my new goal is getting a B2 in the IELTS Test. I really enjoy talking about several stuffs like martial arts, music, Integrative Therapies, Phylosophy, Coaching, movies, sports, trips, spirituality, Science, Literature, Education, and culture in general. My mother tongue is Spanish but I speak Portuguese as well. I'm currently studying through free apps like Duolingo, LearnMatch, Lingvist, Nextlingua and Tandem and I'm using a software called Tell Me More to improve my English. Besides I'm taking an IELTS and TOEFL Preparation Course at my college. I consider myself as a disciplined student and I appreciate mistakes corrections as essential language learning strategy. Let me know if you can help me in some way. Take care and see you around.

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