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posted by Salome Mindiashvili 01 Oct 2019

Labor Rights - Awareness campaign

Hello Dears,
I'm going to make awareness campaign about Labor Rights topics. I'm looking for information through the Internet and need your help for sharing your favorite videos, animation, pictures, power point presentation, articles and something like that. which is very impression, memorable or just interesting for you. I will use this with youth people for gaining awareness.
We are going to make some walking tour at the same time see some sights and and talking about important aspects of Labor Rights. Our audience age is approximately 18-23 years old.
I hope you have something useful which I can use.

p.s. If you would like to share some idea / game which I can during gain awareness day with youth people ,feel free. All kind of advice is very important for me.
Thank you in advance,

Requested skills
Volunteer + Social Worker + Law + Humanities & Social/Applied Sciences +

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