posted by Alessandro Milanese 09 Sep

Life&Business Coach looking for Marketing Expert

Hi everyone,

I am a Life & Business Coach and my job is to help my clients to be happy by achieving the objectives that are most functional to their needs and aspirations.

I am looking for a marketing expert to help me launch my Coach business (from communication strategy to promotion) in an innovative way.

Some examples of situations in which coaching can help you:
- you want to boost your career, but you don't know which direction to go.
- you want to launch a project but something is blocking you
- you have the feeling of not being "fulfilled" but struggle to identify what you are
actually missing
- you have a dream and you want the support of someone to accompany you towards realization

My task will be to help you identify a goal in the best possible way, define an action plan and leverage your potential (hidden or not) that will help you achieve it to reach the goal.

See you soon.


Requested skills
Marketing & Sales +

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