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posted by Weronika Lis 18 Sep 2019

Looking for IDEAS: I need a NAME for my startup :)

Hi guys, I need your creativity! :)

I would like to start selling my professional Travel Planning services. BUT I STILL DON'T HAVE A NAME FOR MY COMPANY :)

I started to help busy people to plan their travels some time ago and now I want to transform my passion into a full-time job.

Services are going to be provided online. After completing the questionnaire about the trip expectations and budget, a client is going to choose between different travel options.

I want to make traveling available to everyone.
I am looking for a simple, easy to remember and catchy name - it is going to be connected with a blog full of vacation inspirations.

I would also welcome your help with the preparation of the logo :).

I am going to check on my own if the specific domain is free.

Are you going to share with me your ideas?:)


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Graphic Designer + Marketing & Sales + Brainstorming +

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Bernardo is very enthusiastic in helping you with your project :) good thinker.

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