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posted by Gabrielle Leite 19 Mar

English Lessons

Hi. My name is Gabrielle and I love learning languages. One of my goals for this year is reaching fluency in English, as it's really useful for any study or any work I should get in the future. I can already have conversations and understand a lot, but I still miss some vocabulary, phrasal verbs, grammar and writing skills. In vocabulary I would need mostly of help to acquire an academic one. About grammar and writing skills, I could write weekly and receive the corrections by video call. Also, I could read some material and talk about it in the lesson. Besides that, some help in conversation about various subjects would be great. I will be grateful if anyone is able to help me to reach that goal!

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Writer + Languages & Translations + General Tutoring + Sharing Interests +

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Gabrielle Leite

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Great teacher! He has many experience and an awesome didactic.

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Many thanks Gabrielle!
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