posted by Hal Ludacer 10 Dec 2018

Web design e-commerce

Very simple jewelry store online - i
Want to be able to easily backload my pictures and descriptions- accept offers , get paid instantly w with pp or cc , just have a simple easy to use , easy to manuever site thst I can manage on my own without difficulties. Plus the cost of wenhostnf I don’t understand . I will use squarebiz or bigcimmrgce or Shopify if you guys think it’s a fair deal st a good price - but I’d still need time to have it explained to me so i don’t scree up on taxes or invoicing or act nunvrt O pitfalls . Long Island or nyc preferred abd it’s a rush job as well because it needs up abd running by December 14 latest

Requested skills
Programmer + Web Developer + Webmaster/Web Project Manager +

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Time available
+ 15:15h
- 00:00h
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