posted by Niradhara Amma 26 Jul

wordpress website help for zero profit ngo

namaste! i have saved up about 20 hours for this. i am a 59 yr old sannyasi directing a small grass roots unfunded NGO at a primitive micro ashram in rural india. i have zero budget and am a volunteer living here 12 years.

you may find it very gratifying to be part of this project. i am super grateful!

i have a wp site for the NGO that was donated 7=8 yrs ago, it needs a new fresh look and an email gathering front message for a free ebook.

but perhaps first
i have a home-made wp website for the ashram/ my own teachings, i would like to add a live section, a way to take payments and an email gathering front message for a free ebook.

maybe link them and visually relate them.

so if anyone can chat me up with some samples of your work. i would like to meet my new best friend/ web-guru and get started.

Requested skills
Web Developer + Web Design + Web Research & Analysis + Webmaster/Web Project Manager +

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