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Simone Dabbicco
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Backup sito wordpress: cerco aiuto :)

Per maggiori informazioni scrivetemi! Grazie

Skills requested
Computer Support + Web Developer + ...

Looking for Podcasters to interview alternative travellers & world nomads

I am considering creating a Podcast in English and I am looking for speaking English Podcasters. They would need t...

Skills requested
Animator & Entertainer + Multimedia Artist + ...

Installing a map plug-in connected with the articles/posts on wordpress - can anyone help?

Rules of engagement:

Skills requested
Web Developer + Web Design + ...

Write an article! Subject: alternative travel, volunteering, eco-communities & alternative lifestyles.

Write an article and receive time credits in exchange. We're looking for writers and authors for articles producti...

Skills requested
Blogger + Publishing + ...

Logo adjustements!

Can you help me make a logo? I already have the ideas I only need a good designer! :) The project:

Skills requested
Graphic Designer +

English Proofreading of a short article

English Proofreading of a short article I am looking for an English mother-tongue to help me with the proofreading o...

Skills requested
Multimedia Artist + Publishing + ...