Theodore Wallach
Theodore Wallach
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1076 DV, Netherlands
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  • DOB: 3 Dec 1978

After film school in Denmark and a Directing MFA in NYC, Ted cut his teeth under Martin Scorsese. For a decade, he directed in Bollywood, Hollywood, The Middle East & Europe to hone his storytelling.

His last film Misdirection (kids escape the ghetto by becoming magicians mentored by David Blaine) led him to direct a performance for a Blood turned magician for Google’s Peace Summit: eighty other “formers” (Neo-Nazis, gang members, terrorists) met to end the radicalization of youth.

Witnessing the potential of a brand to support social action and Occupy Wall Street lacking a clear narrative, he created a campaign for to brand OWS.  

This campaign caught the WeWork CEO’s attention and Ted’s three years as a corporate advertising spy began. 

After working for a dozen firms as a creative and strategist, he teamed up with a Rocket Scientist and Neuroscientist to create a qualitative method called the Algorithm.

Now, he his inspired to use this method to catalyze the extraordinary potential of TimeRepublik’s global digital time bank to change the way we share our genius.