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 Thomas M. Jones author, speaker, and innovative psychotherapist presents practical and entertaining lectures that will reveal a pointed perception on a broad level of topics. With over three decades of experience in human dynamics, Thomas co-founded and developed a ground-breaking emotional management technique, called The Paradox Process, capable of literally changing the course of a participant's life. Jones’ keen insight into human behavior, strategies, and motivation can transform critical topics including creating and maintaining love relationships, manifesting careers, professional power dynamics, and breaking down resistance in order to create dreams. Thomas’ vast knowledge and down-to-earth delivery engage and intrigue any audience searching for a new perspective. Jones is the author of Love Games The Hidden Rules of Relationship.

"I see myself as a strategist and I provide those strategies necessary for people to get what they want in life. Together we collaborate to create the life that my clients want, and we clear the obstacles standing in the way."