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Thomas Zara
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Hello, I am Thomas, Italian citizen, living in Switzerland.  I was born in 1970 in Sorengo (Lugano), the Italian region of Switzerland . 
After the Maturità Scientifica in Liceo Lugano 1 (Switzerland), I graduated  in Business Administration and Economics from Cattolica University (Milan) and I got a post graduate certificate in Finance from Bocconi University (Milan).
I am a member of the Ticino Finance Fiduciary since 2006 and also a member of the relative disciplinary body (OAD FT). 
I am currently founder and managing partner of Reset Group SA (Swiss based trustee company), member of the board and partner of Frame Asset Management SA (Swiss based Asset Management Company) , director of Taliti Sicav Plc (Malta based funds) and Businness Angel in Timerepublik.
I'm like to call me a mix between investor and entrepreneur.
My favorite book is "Confession of an economic Hit Man" of John Perkins.
If I have to sintetize the only things for which it makes sense to live are: Love (family and friends), Travel (know differents places an cultures) and Juventus (my favourite footbal team).
My favorite slogan is : "I like to be when I can..."

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